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 Heavy Duty Industrial
Light Duty Industrial
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 Conveyor Belting & Accessories
We offer a wide variety of standard, specialized and custom belting and accessories to provide you with the solutions to your industry needs.
The industry's largest selection of cleated belts which include numerous rubber compounds, PVC and urethane.
• Over 100 different chevron cleated patterns
• High temperature
• Chemical resistant
• V-guided belts
• Urethane and silicone covered belts
• Precision ground covers
• Grooving and hole punching
• Flanged-edged belts
• Corrugated sidewall belting
• Filter belts
• Longitudinally spliced belts for wide applications
• Seamless polyurethane pulley lagging laminations
• Air permeable fabrics
• Belting accessories
Belts for the majority of conveying applications.
• Beltwall - High strength corrugated sidewalls / cleats on rugged cross-rigid
base belt.
• Cougar - Replacement belts for all agricultural industries.
• Fabflex - Integrally molded cleated rubber belting.
• Feeder Belts / Coal Handling - Belting for weighing, measuring and
• Filter Belts - Belts designed to remove liquids from solids.
• Monofilament / Thermoplastic Belts - Belting for specialty light-duty
• Air Permeable Fabrics - For fluidized beds and/or air gravity conveyors.
• Custom Cut Parts - Cut by waterjet from any material in inventory.
• Urethane Products - Cast covers and custom-molded parts/products.
• Tumble Blast Cleaning Belts - Specialty belts for airless tumble blast
abrasive cleaning equipment.
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 Power Transmission Products
• Banded V-Belts
• Specialty Belts
• Synchronous Products
• V-Belts
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