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 We offer a full range of products that include: Rubber Expansion Joints, Metal Expansion Joints, Metal Hose, Metal Braided Hose, Bellows Type Expansion Joints, Teflon® Expansion Joints, and Fabric Expansion Joints. High Temp Flue Ducts, & custom fabrication of Expansion Joints to fit all of your applications and needs.
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 Expansion Joints - Duct Rubber Flue  
Rubber Flue Duct Expansion Joints are designed to handle hot air or gasses in industrial duct work, as well as those generated by power plant and pollution control equipment. They are custom constructed of rubber and fabric to absorb thermal movements and vibration in duct work and to aid in the elimination of noises caused
by scrubber equipment and mechanical dust collectors.
Is capable of handling any combination of large movements which might occur in a ducting system due to thermal expansion. Creates almost no load on damper and fan interfacing flanges, thus providing much needed protection in these critical areas.
A wide range of elastomers and fabric substrates are available to provide maximum
resistance to corrosion and high temperature capabilities as well as white FDA food grade elastomers. Let us assist you in selecting the right product for your application. 
• Square, rectangular or round in any size. Standard construction "U" shape, 9" face-
   to-face, 3" flange.
• Arch shapes also available. One piece body 5/16" thick. Steel retaining rings are
   provided (send drawing or call us for quotation.)
Choice of Material:
Fabric Reinforcement:
Joints may be constructed of *Nomex (to 400 ◦F), fiberglass or polyester cloth impregnated with one of the following:
Tube and Cover
Neoprene–Resistant to heat, adverse weather, ozone and fuel gasses. Impervious to fats, oils, greases and other petroleum products. For use up to 250◦F.
Chlorobutyl–An elastomer with all of the above advantages of neoprene, with the exception of its inability to withstand oil. For use up to 300◦F.
*Viton®/**Fluorel®  –In addition to providing all of the properties of neoprene, Fluorel is resistant to mineral acids and usable in 400 applications..
 Silicone–A high-quality elastomer recommended for all environments except those with sulfur gas. For use in -70◦F to 500◦F applications. 
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