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 Expansion Joint - Elastomeric
Our Rubber Expansion Joints are available in natural rubber, neoprene, chorobutyl, hypalon, Viton®, nitrile, or other compounds and can also be lined with Teflon® and come in many shapes and sizes to accommodate your requirements and needs. From round to oval and square to rectangular they provide relief from stresses caused by thermal expansion and contraction in pipelines. Movement is always experienced in piping systems due to varying ambient temperatures, differences in temperature of materials handled, and differences in composition. Expansion joints absorb this movement and eliminate the danger of buckling or pulling apart with the high replacement costs that would result.
Pumps, compressors and other pulsating equipment generate noise and vibration. The transmission of noise and vibration tends to reduce the efficiency of adjacent equipment and impairs working conditions in offices and plants. Expansion joints serve as reliable insulation against such vibration and noise.
 Settlement, load stresses and normal wear of components will frequently cause piping and mechanical equipment to become misaligned. Expansion joints can resolve these problems within their design limits. Special designed expansion joints are available for specific conditions and misalignment.
• Absorb movements due to pipe expansion and contraction.
• Prevents stress due to expansion and contraction
• Insulates against the transfer of noise and vibration
• Compensates for misalignment
• No electrolysis
• Greater recovery from movement
• Freedom from corrosion
• Ease of installation
• Small space requirements
• Resist corrosion.Available in taper and offset configurations or sleeve and
  rectangular designs.
• Standard designs to 144" diameter, 250 psig and 500º F.
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