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Logo for Nippon Magnetics USA, Inc. Nippon Magnetics USA, Inc. (Torrance, CA)


MS/SMS magnetic strainers are ideal for removing iron content, including fine iron powders and abrasive powders including some stainless steels, from foods, chemicals, paints, printing inks, lubricants, cutting oils, clay, pigments, dyes sugar, dissolved pulp used paper and other high concentration and high viscosity liquids.

Product(s) by Nippon Magnetics USA, Inc.
Logo for Refractron Technologies Corp. Refractron Technologies Corp. (Newark, NY)


Refractron Technologies Corp. is a leader in advanced engineered ceramics. Our products include both controlled porosity and densely structured ceramics.

Logo for Le Groupe PNF Le Groupe PNF (Saint-Léonard-D’Aston, QC)


Groupe P.N.F. inc. manufactures a complete range of filters that meet the higher standards of all application type.

Circle Valve Technologies, Inc. (Harleysville, PA)


Gas and Liquid Filters by Norman Filter Company are available from Circle Valve Technologies.

VY Optics Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. (Changchun, China)


VY Optics Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. specialized in manufacturing kinds of optical precision components and lenses. Through many years' hard work and positive innovation, we have became a optical company integrating lens design, production and sales. Our company has strong production capacity, in possession of the domestically top production line and excellent workers, which mainly are composed of researchers and technicists of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Changchun Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics and Changchun University of Science and Technology, they are experienced and can produce wide range of optical articles. The prime products are spherical lens, windows, prisms, achromatic lens, cylindrical mirror, laser optical components, infrared optical components, various crystals and some other relative items. In addition, our company has independently developed a magnifier, microscope, telescope and kinds of conversion lenses. Mainly used in military, aerospace, industry, scientific, medical instrument, photoelectric device, optical communication and mechanical equipment and so on. 80% of our items are sold abroad, in the meantime we also cooperate with internal companies, we offer OEM service! Over the years, with the concept of " integrity, innovation, quality first ", we constantly provide our clients with the best products and perfect service, sincerely welcome domestic and foreign customers to establis

Green Source air purification equipment Co., Ltd (Guangzhou, China)


A particulate air filter is a device composed of fibrous materials which removes solid particulates such as dust, pollen, mold, and bacteria from the air. A chemical air filter consists of an absorbent or catalyst for the removal of airborne molecular contaminants such as volatile organic compounds or ozone. Air filters are used in applications where air quality is important, notably in building ventilation systems and in engines. Some buildings, as well as aircraft and other man-made environments (e.g., satellites and space shuttles) use foam, pleated paper, or spun fiberglass filter elements. Another method, air ionisers, use fibers or elements with a static electric charge, which attract dust particles. The air intakes of internal combustion engines and compressors tend to use either paper, foam, or cotton filters. Oil bath filters have fallen out of favor. The technology of air intake filters of gas turbines has improved significantly in recent years, due to improvements in the aerodynamics and fluid-dynamics of the air-compressor part of the Gas Turbines.

Saifilter Filtration Technology Co., Ltd (Xinxiang, China)


Saifilter has a complete R&D, design, manufacturing and certification quality assessment in one location, so we can reduce development time and continually optimize. In some areas, the name of Saifilter has become a total integration supplier with its many years of experience. For example, in the petrochemical industry, we offer a complete high temperature dedusting system filtration solution. For our filtration systems in high pressure, high temperature and high dust environments, high quality materials and high levels of processing are the most important prerequisites. Where hygiene requirements are very stringent, our products have the highest surface quality and the most rigorous design. In some areas, we compete with manufacturers of non-metallic filters, and our stainless steel products win through their high levels of processing, re-use after cleaning and long life. Our products effectively help our customers reduce waste emissions and maintain continuous production compared to disposable filters.

Hebei Nanrui Filtration Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd. (Shijiazhuang, China)


filter element mesh,Filtration wire mesh can be cut as disc type and seamless frame,there are many different shapes,round,square,oval and polygon. Applications: Air,liquid separate,ruber industry,machine part washer,filter element,pressure filter leafs,extruder screen pack. Single layer is common design and we make double layers,three layers and five layers as clients request for different filter accuracy.filter disc material mainly are stainless steel wire,black wire cloth also available.Plastic frame and steel frame can be choosen. We have a great range stainless steel wire mesh and brass wire mesh in stock for making filter elements,so can make sure fast delivery to all clients from all over the world. Mesh scope: 2 x 2 mesh to 500 x 3500 in plain weave,plain dutch weave,twilled weave,twilled dutch weave.

Helapet Limited (Houghton Regis, United Kingdom)


Filter Devices Made To Your Specification Filtration is used across a wide variety of industries to provide valuable protection for equipment and personnel. Filter Devices serve several industries including the medical, pharma biotech, printing, laboratory, gas, and air markets, providing both standard and custom made parts. Our disc housing provides a compact and robust solution, while our extensive range of connectors means they can be connected inline to any device including: • Gas Analysers • Autoclaves • CO2 Incubators • Pipette Controllers Happy to accommodate small runs for a global customer base, Filter Devices offer a successful blend of high quality sterile manufacture, market leading customer service, and technical support across all our product range

Hengshui Ricyu Wire Mesh Filters Factory (Shijiazhuang, China)


RWMF factory supply customized fuel filter mesh cylinders by various specification stainless steel wire cloth,the structure of fuel filter cylinder are flange type,rimmed and closed bottom,single or multi-layer wire cloth options for the cylindrical screen,filter rating from 2 micron to 200 micron. Material: stainless steel,brass,copper,galvanized wire mesh Finish: nickel-plating or chrome-plating Welded type: spot welded and seam welded Internal diameter and length customized made as requirements drawing Applications: oil fuel filter

Watercare (Tuam, Ireland)


Enjoy immediate availability of crystal pure water with straightforward installation and minimal maintenance. Our Ecosoft Reverse Osmosis water filter system will remove between 90 and 100% of contaminants from your water making it safe for you and your family to drink. Drinking, making beverages, cooking tasty and healthy, ice-making and stain-free ironing is at your fingertips, as is water free of pollutants, salts and microorganisms.

Hebei Rock Filter Manufactory Co., Ltd (xingtai, China)


Hebei Rock Filter Manufactory Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of heavy duty air filter, passenger car filter, cabin filter, ECO oil filter, Hydraulic Filter etc., founded in 2007 locate at Hebei China. Our skilled workers amount to 50 with 10 years' rich producing experiences, all the ROCKFIL products made following ISO9001:2000 International Standard Quality Management System.

Messa Makina Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.S. (Ankara, Turkey)


MESSA has pioneered the manufacturing of compressed air filtration in Turkey. The wide and warily range of our products include compressed air filters, vacuum pump filters, autoclave filtration, and other alternative filter elements...and if you have situation for which we don't have an immediate solution we'll custom develop one for you.

The Paint Booth Guys (Winter Haven, FL)

Distributor, Service Company

Through our years of service, we have come to depend upon our manufacturers to provide us with quality products. Our filter products include diffusion media, fiberglass filters. pleated filters, Andrea filters, tack poly, and filter frames. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes including panels and pocket filters.

American Fabric Filter Co. (Wesley Chapel, FL)


AFF manufactures dust filters that offer high air relief, fine particle separation, and excellent dust cake build/release properties. Whether manufacturing a single one-of-a-kind dust bag or the several hundred bags required in bag house operations, AFF's staff offers outstanding technical knowledge and attention to detail on every order.

AZ Industries, Inc. (Hardy, AR)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

AZ Industries, Inc. has been making magnets since 1972 and manufacture all materials in all grades: Alnico, Ceramic, Flexible, Neodymium-Iron-Boron, Samarium -Cobalt, plus we deal with garnets, pole pieces using specialty metals, and all shapes including pins, plugs, disks, rings, rectangular and square blocks, triangles, arcs, etc.

Hybrid Electronics (Oviedo, FL)


Hybrid Electronics is a broadline distributor of electronic components. Hybrid Electronics stocks over 500,000 parts...semiconductors, integrated circuits, passive, relays, switches, wire & cable, and much more! If you're also looking for hard to find parts, Hybrid Electronics offers the best support and most competitive prices in the industry!


Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

Air Filter, Pre Filter, Fine Filter, Hepa Filter, Mini Pleat Hepa Filter, Bag Filter, Hi-Tem. Hepa Filter, Air Pipeline Filters,Gas Pipeline Filters, Liquid Pipeline Filters, Pocket Filters, Vacuum Filters, Hvac Filters, Wire Mesh Filter, Fuel Filters, Microvee Filter, activated carbon filters,Rod Type Filter,Rod Type Pre Filter,

Meissner Filtration Products (Camarillo, CA)

Manufacturer, Service Company

Meissner's filters (0.04 to 99 micron) provide sterile filtration, mycoplasma removal and virus reduction, prefiltration, clarification, and gel and colloid removal in both liquid and gas streams. Filters (PES, PVDF, PP & PTFE membranes & microfiber media), as well as integrity test instruments & filter housings are available.

Ron-Vik, Inc. (Minneapolis, MN)


Ron-Vik, Inc. has the capability to efficiently and economically fabricate quality wire cloth products to your specifications. We have years of experience in manufacturing insert injection molded filters for our in line strainers. Mesh sizes range from 1 micron openings up to 2000 micron openings.

GO Regulator (Spartanburg, SC)


GO Regulator is a leading global designer and manufacturer of standardized and specialty fluid control components to the analytical, instrumentation, petrochemical, oil & gas, and specialty gas markets. GO regulators are designed to fulfill a wide range of applications and controlling pressures.

Woongjin Coway (M) sdn. bhd. (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Manufacturer, Distributor

Coway water filter provides you with the best quality of water purifier available in the market. All of our table-top and floor-standing type of water purifiers uses the reverse osmosis filtration system. The water produced through this process is very pristine.

Schroeder Industries LLC (McKees Rocks, PA)


It is perfect for cleaning up existing systems as well as pre-filtering and transferring fluids. Remember, new fluid does not mean clean fluid! Most new fluids have contamination levels significantly higher than is recommended for most hydraulic systems.

Airsan Corp. (Milwaukee, WI)


Airsan Corporation designs and manufactures permanent air filters for industrial and HVAC use. Airsan has been in business for more than 50 years and is known for the custom design and engineering of filters for customer applications.

Quality Filters Inc. (Ann Arbor, MI)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

Quality Filters manufactures OEM replacement filter elements and strainers, hot melt and hydraulic filters, and high temp process cartridges of all kinds and sizes that either meet or exceed the specifications of the original OEM part.

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