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 Magnetic Strainer
Fines removal for powders, liquids and slurries
  • Removes fine iron and certain stainless
  • Excellent for food, chemical, paint, inks, oils, pulp, and viscose liquids
  • Available in flanged and sanitary versions
  • One-touch-release option available

MS/SMS magnetic strainers are ideal for removing iron content, including fine iron powders and abrasive powders including some stainless steels, from foods, chemicals, paints, printing inks, lubricants, cutting oils, clay, pigments, dyes sugar, dissolved pulp used paper and other high concentration and high viscosity liquids.
A variety of industries fall into this category including food processing, chemical processing, clay and ceramic production, pulp and paper processing, and other industries where removal of fine iron and magnetic attractive materials need to be removed from liquids, slurries and viscose liquids.
Models include a variety of 5 flange units ranging from 1B to 3B. Larger diameter units are available on request. A One-Touch-Release is also available for easy purging of collect debris. Sanitary versions ranging from 1S to 4S are available for food processing and clean applications. High temperature and high flux units are available for special applications. An optional wire net strainer is available with most models.
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