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  • Software
  • Space Heaters
  • Scaffolds & Scaffolding
  • Sealing Devices
  • Springs
    Springs are mechanical components that store mechanical energy and when subjected to external forces, transform that energy. If a spring is compressed, stretched, twisted, or otherwise bent, depending on its type, it is designed to return to its original shape once the external force has been removed.
  • Substation Transformers
  • Speed Reducers
    Speed reducers, alternatively called gear heads or gear boxes, are used to decrease rotating speed, which is realized through an increment in torque and a decrement in output speed. Input, output shafts, and a set of gears are the constituents of the gear heads. The reducer receives input power from any source like motor and performs the task of converting this power into an output speed of lower magnitude; this lower-magnitude speed is transmitted to the connected load via an output shaft. These devices are employed in a variety of applications including printing presses, automation equipment, compressors, conveyors, pumps, generators and robotic applications.
  • Saws
  • Sensors
  • Solenoid Valves
    Solenoid valves are electro-mechanical devices that use a solenoid to control valve actuation. Direct-acting valves are a type of solenoid valve.
  • Shields and Shielding
  • Shunts
  • Stainless Steel Tubing
    Stainless steel tubing is manufactured from a wide range of stainless steel grades, usually martensitic age-hardened stainless steel. Some common grades of stainless steel used to make tubing are types 304, 304L, and 316L. Generally smooth and seamless, the tubing is manufactured by tube drawing, drawn-over-mandrel, or electric resistant weld methods. SS tubing is used in a number of applications, especially in the aerospace industry, where they are used for fuel and hydraulic lines. The medical industry uses stainless steel tubing in hypodermic needles.
  • Stainless Steel Tubes
  • Scrubbers
  • Shears
  • Shearing Presses
  • Stairways and Walkways
  • Safety Valves
    A safety valve is an automatic valve that opens or closes when an abnormal condition occurs (e.g., a pressure relief valve on a separator that opens if the pressure exceeds the set point, or the shutdown valve at the wellhead that closes if the line pressure becomes too high or too low).
  • Stainless Steel
  • Sawing
  • Soaps and Detergents
  • Shafts
  • Sprockets


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