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  • Transducers
  • Tubing: Metal
  • Tool Steel
  • Thermocouples
    A thermocouple is a type of temperature measuring device. It is made of two dissimilar metals that are joined at junction points. A potential difference is formed at the contact junction and is calibrated to accurately measure temperatures ranging from -270°C to more than 2000°C.
  • Thermometers
  • Testing Laboratories
  • Turning
  • Testing Equipment
  • Tanks
  • Tubes
  • Trim
  • Tubing: Rubber
  • Transformers
    Transformers are electrical devices that convert a high voltage into a smaller voltage, or vice-versa. The amount of power that transformers can handle are anywhere from less than 1 Watt to over 1 Megawatt (such as those seen at power substations or power plants).
  • Transmitters
  • Thermistors
  • Tow Line Conveyors
    Tow-line conveyors are a special type of chain conveyor with the chain routed in the floor. This conveyor is used to pull heavy loads by means of wheeled carts. Tow pins are used to engage and disengage the carts. Often used in the assembly of trucks and other heavy vehicles.
  • Test Systems & Equipment
  • Torsion Springs
    Torsion springs are mechanical devices that store energy and offer resistance when subjected to external forces, in this case, torque. Torsion springs exert torque in a circular arc and the arms are rotated about the central axis. The ends of a torsion spring are rotated in an angular deflection. Although the name implies otherwise, a torsion spring is subjected to bending stress rather than torsion stress.
  • Trusses
  • Tube Fittings
  • Tape
  • Tubing: Plastic
  • Tube Fabrication
    Tube fabrication services are involved in the production or modification of tubes, which are hollow cylindrical objects used as flow lines for carrying fluids. These fabrication services use a variety of materials to produce tube profiles, lengths and end products. Generally used materials include polyvinyl chloride (PVC), acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS), and various metals. The fabrication service provides support as well as production capabilities such as rapid prototyping, assembly services, high- or low-volume production, packaging and shipping, just-in-time manufacturing, computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM).
  • Thermoforming
  • Tube Bending
  • Titanium Tubes
  • Titanium Tubing: Metal
  • Trolleys
  • Tapered Springs
  • Trade Associations
  • Temperature Sensors
  • Trays
  • Tube Pumps
    Tube pumps are low pressure handling peristaltic pumps that utilize tubing to pump the working fluid. Tubes used in these pumps are made by extrusion and typically lack reinforcement, making them incapable of handling high pressure pumping applications. They are usually suitable for handling fluids being pumped at pressures of up to 70 psi (5 bars) with viscosities not exceeding 5000 cps. The tubes are made from a variety of materials that have varying physical properties. These include Verderprene that can handle temperatures as low as -50°C, and Fluron that can handle temperatures of up to +204°C. Tube pumps consist of rollers that are used to alternatively perform compression and relaxation actions to pump the fluids through the tubes. The roller compresses and relaxes the tube to produce vacuum that is high enough to take the suction of the working fluid, followed by another compression step that pressurizes and pushes the fluid through the pump discharge. These tubes can be fixed on smaller casings, which facilitate smaller and accurate dosing, making them ideal for medical use. Tube pumps are suitable for handling infant food, sterile fluids, light sensitive fluids, and pharmaceutical products.
  • Tags
  • Tig Welding
    Tungsten inert gas (TIG) or gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) is a welding operation that uses a non-consumable electrode, made of tungsten usually along with filler metal, to create the weld on the work piece. To prevent atmospheric contamination of the weld area, an inert gas, typically argon, is used as shielding gas to protect the weld area. This process is used to weld a variety of metals, particularly thin parts made from stainless steel, copper, aluminum, magnesium, and exotic metals, such as titanium. TIG welding is also suitable for welding dissimilar metals.
  • Torque Limiters
  • Tube Assemblies & Fabrications
  • Timing Belts
    A timing belt is a transmission belt made from elastomers, having a flat outer surface with a number of teeth on the internal surface, widely used in internal combustion engines to control the valve timing. The belts are generally made from rubber with high tensile fibers, such as Kevlar or fiberglass, running through it. However, rubber's poor resistance to high temperatures has led to the development of timing belts made from highly saturated nitrile (HSN) that deliver significant resistance to high temperatures. Initially, the belts were designed with trapezoidal teeth, which suffered from high tooth wear rates. This has led to the development of curved teeth, which last longer and run quieter.
  • Tube Swaging
  • Tadpole Seals
  • Testing Services
  • Thermal Oxidizers
  • Temperature Controllers
  • Tube Cut-Off
  • Tube Forming
  • Tube Welding
  • Timing Pulleys
  • Triplex Pumps
    A triplex pump is a type of reciprocating positive displacement pump that consists of three plungers or pistons driven by a single prime mover, and used to pump fluids. Prime movers are used to drive these pumps, some of which are electric motors and hydraulic motors. The arrangement of the three pistons is such that, the triplex pump has a discharge for every 120° rotation of the prime mover. These types of pumps have a smoother flow characteristic as well as a higher average flow rate as compared to simplex and duplex pumps. Triplex pumps are commonly used for high-pressure applications, such as in water jet cutting systems.
  • Temperature Switches
  • Thermocouple Wire


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