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  • Valves
    Valves are mechanical devices that are used to control the volume of flow and pressure of fluids or gases. Closing, opening, or partially opening a passage through which the material passes regulates this flow. They can be electrical or mechanical and are available in many different varieties.
  • Vacuum Pumps
    Vacuum pumps provide a wide range of scientific and industrial applications by generating sub-atmospheric pressure ranging from rough vacuum to hyper vacuum conditions.
  • Vacuum Forming
    Plastic manufactured through the vacuum forming process is when a sheet of plastic is heated till it reaches a forming temperature, is consecutively stretched into or onto a uni-surfaced mold, and is held firm against the mold by application of vacuum in between the sheet and the mold surface. These plastics are used in various industries such as automotive, medical, cosmetic, food, electronics, toys, athletic equipment, household products and clothing industries. Common vacuum formed plastic types include acrylic, PVC, ABS, and polycarbonate.
  • Valve Components
  • Viton® O Rings
  • Valve Actuators
  • Vibrators
  • V Belts
  • Vapor Recovery Hose
    Vapor recovery hoses are fluid conveying pipes, characterizing a superior resistance to hydrocarbons, also known as tubing. These hoses are lightweight, flexible, and capable of operating under cold conditions. They are suitable for diesel, gasoline and lubricating oils. In practice, they are engaged for the recovery of specific hydrocarbons that are volatile and chemical in nature during the process of ship and barge loading carried out at bulk storage terminals, refineries, plants, as well as in other transfer operations accomplished in a marine environment; rail, truck and car loading terminals; and unloading processes at service stations.
  • Variable Area Flow Meters
  • Viton® Gaskets
  • Vacuum Thermoforming
  • Vending Machine Parts and Supplies
  • Ventilation Systems
  • V-Band Clamps
  • Vacuum Brazing Service
  • Valve Manifolds
  • V Drive Belts
  • Vibration Isolators
    Vibration isolators, and its related products, vibration mounts, vibration absorbers, shock absorbers, and vibration dampeners, are rubber mountings that have been engineered to restrict the transfer of shocks, vibration and sound while maintaining support of a structure and allowing relative motion between that structure and the vibrating object.
  • Vertical Conveyors
    Vertical conveyors lift or lower loads between various elevations in intermittent flow operations and where horizontal space is limited. Continuous vertical conveyors provide product movement up or down. Reciprocating vertical conveyors start at one level and take the product up or down then go back to the originating level to pick up another product.
  • Vortex Flow Meters
  • Vertical Milling
  • Viton® Seals
  • V Belt Pulleys
  • Vacuum Switches
  • Vacuum Valves
    A vacuum valve is a shutoff valve that connects the system to a pressure less than the atmospheric pressure when it is opened.


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