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A flow meter (flowmeter) or flow sensor is an instrument used in almost all mechanical, electrical and instrumentation processes to measure the flow rate of a liquid or gas. Learn more about flow meters.

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Logo for Asahi / America Asahi / America (Andover, MA)

Manufacturer, Distributor


Asahi/America, Inc. ("Asahi"), is a diversified ISO9001 certified manufacturer and distributor of corrosion-resistant fluid flow products. These include a wide variety of thermoplastic valves, actuators, flow meters, tubing systems, and single and double containment piping systems.

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Logo for Aalborg Instruments Aalborg Instruments (Orangeburg, NY)



Gas Mass Flow Meters:
Economical GFM gas Mass Flow Meters
AFM Analog Flow Meters
DFM Multiparameter Digital Flow Meters
XFM "Smart" Meters (with opt. Profibus Interface)
VX Vortex Shedding Flow Meter (gas, liq., steam) with Wafer, Flange or Insertion mounting

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Logo for Intek Inc Intek Inc (Westerville, OH)



Rheotherm low flow measurement systems include flow meters and switches, combine repeatable outputs and a no-moving-parts sensor design for reliable operation with little or no maintenance.

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Logo for Sierra Instruments, Inc. Sierra Instruments, Inc. (Monterey, CA)



Sierra Instruments manufacturers high performance mass flow meters and mass flow controllers for nearly any gas, liquid, or steam application. Customers choose Sierra when they need an accurate and repeatable flow measurement, short delivery lead times, expert flow advice, and long term support.

Product(s) by Sierra Instruments, Inc.
Logo for KROHNE, Inc KROHNE, Inc (Peabody, MA)



Today, users around the world benefit from KROHNE innovation: Electromagnetic flowmeters with ceramic liners for highly corrosive media in chlorine chemistry. Mass flowmeters with just one straight tube – ideal for highly viscous media and low flow speeds. Ultrasonic flowmeters for custody transfer, working according to the time-offlight method. Vortex measuring devices with integrated pressure and temperature compensation. And variable area flowmeters: they established KROHNE's business in 1921

Product(s) by KROHNE, Inc
Logo for Midwest Instruments & Controls Midwest Instruments & Controls (Rice Lake, WI)



Easily installable, economically priced, digital paddle wheel flow meters utilized in irrigation, aquaculture, aquariums, pulp mills, research institutions and numerous other water monitoring applications.

Product(s) by Midwest Instruments & Controls
Logo for Dwyer Instruments, Inc. Dwyer Instruments, Inc. (Michigan City, IN)



Dwyer Instruments Inc. produces a broad range of competitively priced precision instruments for measuring, transmitting and controlling pressure, temperature, level and flow. Founded in 1931, Dwyer manufactures quality precision instruments and is committed to a high standard of customer service.

Product(s) by Dwyer Instruments, Inc.



Flow Line Options Corp. (FLO-Corp) is a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of advanced flow, level and display instrumentation. With decades of experience, FLO-Corp specializes in providing complete, customized measurement solutions to support even the most difficult applications.

Nice Instrumentation Inc. (Parlin, NJ)


Nice Instrumentation designs their vortex meters to be universal for almost all fluid types. Steam, Gas, Air and Water are just a few of the applications where our meters perform best. Nice Meters have no moving parts to wear or fail, while also having no holes to clog. Dual sensors provide high signal quality for a flow rate you can count on.

Eldridge Products, Inc. (Monterey, CA)


EPI is the manufacturer of Master-Touch thermal dispersion gas mass flow meters and switches for all gas flow applications including industrial process, compressed air, and natural gas submetering.

Siemens Process Industries and Drives (Hauppauge, NY)


Controlotron is uniquely qualified, with over 40 years of experience, to provide liquid and gas flow measurement solutions for a multitude of industries. Controlotron has the largest installed base of Ultrasonic Flowmeters worldwide.

Differential Pressure Plus, Inc. (Branford, CT)


Differential pressure gauges are offered to display the difference between two pressures. DPP has a line of precision gauges which can easily be used as liquid flowmeters, utilizing a square root scale

Fluidstech (London, ON)


Fluidstech offers a full spectrum of technologies and solutions for handling, measurement and control of fluids. We can provide you at a competitive prices level controls, valves and actuators, flowmeters and analytical instrumentation (pH, ORP, Dissolved Oxygen, Chlorine, Conductivity, Analyzers).

McCrometer, Inc. (Hemet, CA)


McCrometer is a leading manufacturer of flowmeters for both liquid and gas measurement providing solutions to global markets including water, wastewater, irrigation, process control, oil & gas, and a broad range of industrial applications.

Don Johns (Chicago, IL)

Contract Manufacturer

The Neptune Actaris mass flow meter provides accurate, continuous, direct measurement of mass, density, temperature and percent solids over a flow range of 14.5 to 1450 kg/min. Weights and Measures approved for custody transfer applications Patented omega-shaped flowtubes provide unequaled sensitivity to Coriolis force Lowest pressure drop of competing designs Smooth-bore, non-obtrusive flow path free from moving parts 3A-Authorized version available through 1,450 kg/min (3,200 lb/min)

Assured Automation (Clark, NJ)


Assured Automation is a privately held company that sells automated valves, actuators, flow meters and valve accessories.

Automation Service (Earth City, MO)


HydraCheck (Salt Lake City, UT)

Manufacturer, Distributor

Hydracheck® has progressively developed into the leading maintenance and testing equipment company and continues to expand inventory and implement elite customer service. Our objective is to provide the diagnostic instrumentation that maintenance technicians need in order to do their job safely and effectively.

A&S Transmitter co.,ltd (chengdu, China)


The products we offer: Transmitter, flow meter, level gauge The brands we offer: Honeywell pressure transmitter, Rosemount pressure transmitter, ABB pressure transmitter, GE pressure transmitter, SIEMENS pressure transmitter,Dwyer pressure transmitter, Fuji pressure transmitter, Foxboro pressure transmitter, Danfoss pressure transmitter, Endress+Hauser(E+H) pressure transmitter, Keller pressure transmitter, Murphy pressure transmitter, Noshok pressure transmitter, Wika pressure transmitter,Yokogawa pressure transmitter, JUMO pressure transmitter, Anderson pressure transmitter, Azbil pressure transmitter, Vega pressure transmitter, Ashcroft pressure transmitter, Smar pressure transmitter, Fischer pressure transmitter, Dynisco pressure transmitter, HYDAC pressure transmitter,STS Sensor pressure transmitter, Bourdon Haenni pressure transmitter, Huba pressure transmitter, Trafag pressure transmitter.

SmartMeasurement (Wauwatosa, WI)

Manufacturer, Distributor

SmartMeasurement™ is a leading manufacturer of flow meters, with over 25 years’ experience in engineering and procurement of various flow measurement technologies. Whether your application requires a gas flow meter, where thermal flow meter, vortex flow meter, or differential pressure flow meter technologies all may be suitable, or a liquid flow meter with choices between ultrasonic flow meters, magnetic flow meters, variable area flow meters, positive displacement flow meters or turbine flow meters all being applicable, the SmartMeasurement™ can help you choose an optimum solution for your individual application.

Beijing Airport Beiguang Instruments Co.,ltd (Beijing, China)


Beijing Airport Beiguang Instrument Co.,Ltd is a based manufacturer of flow meters, level meters and other flow measurement solutions, including: Water flow meters, Oil flow meters, Gas flow meters, Fuel flow meters, Chemical meters, electromagnetic meters. We are one of the China's leading flow meter manufactures supplying our products throughout worldwide. BABI Flow Systems offer a wide selection of flow meters suitable for virtually any application. Our solutions are cost effective and are designed to achieve a combination of accuracy and performance. OEM and Distributor enquiries welcome.

PromServis (Dimitrovgrad, Russian Federation)


Electromagnetic, vortex, ultrasonic flow meters, flow transducers and related devices. Flow meters with digital indicators. Flow meters with remote data monitoring through GPRS or GSM. Automated control and on-line monitoring systems. Application: systems of hot, cold and drinking water supply, as well as systems of other fluids control in various industries, housing and communal services. Please, visit our web site or contact us to get more information.

Thermal Instrument Company (Trevose, PA)


Our flow measurement instruments use two RTD sensors: one is self-heated and measures the flow and the other one measures the media temperature. The temperature sensor measures the heat of the media passing by and instantly corrects for changes in temperature. It then sets the temperature of the flow sensor to a precise temperature above that of the passing media.

Cadillac Meter (Tigard, OR)


Cadillac® Meter, Central Station Steam Company, has been serving the energy industry for over 100 years. The original Cadillac® Gravity meter was first introduced in 1906. Since its inception we have been a leader – providing the most accurate and reliable energy and flow measurement devices available. We offer meters for gas, steam, or liquid.

DigiFlow Systems (Lucas, OH)

Manufacturer, Distributor

DigiFlow offers a comprehensive selection of turbine-style, laminar flow/differential pressure, and other technology flowmeters covering a wide variety of end-use and OEM applications for both liquids and gases. Liquid ranges of 10 cc/day to 15,000 GPM and full scale mass gas ranges of 0.5SCCM - 1500 SLPM in flowmeters and flow controllers.

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About Flow Meters

A flow meter or flow sensor is an instrument used in almost all mechanical, electrical and instrumentation processes to measure the flow rate of a liquid or gas. In general, there are three primary types of flow meters (also written together as flowmeters):

Methods of Measuring the Flow

Methods of measuring flow have advanced through several stages.

Types of Flow Meters

Flow Meters by Key Instruments

Considerations for Selecting a Flow Meter

An unambiguous understanding of your requirements will greatly help you choose the best flow meter for your application. Time should be invested in thoroughly understanding the use, installation and maintenance of a flow meter. Evaluate which features you need, as well as which features you want. Consider the following factors when choosing a flow meter:

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