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Logo for Nippon Magnetics USA, Inc. Nippon Magnetics USA, Inc. (Torrance, CA)


NMI produces a wide variety of magnetic separation equipment for aluminum, plastics and ferrous metal, industrial magnetic equipment for lifting, sweeping; impact bin vibrators; magnetic strainers/filters; and rotary kiln dryer systems.

Product(s) by Nippon Magnetics USA, Inc.
Logo for Industrial Magnetics, Inc. Industrial Magnetics, Inc. (Boyne City, MI)

Manufacturer, Distributor

Full line of Permanent Magnets in Rare Earth, Ceramic & Alnico materials for holding, lifting, metal separation and material handling & conveying applications.

Product(s) by Industrial Magnetics, Inc.
Logo for Electron Energy Corporation Electron Energy Corporation (Landisville, PA)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, Service Company

Electron Energy also designs and manufactures neodymium iron boron magnets and magnetic assemblies. Neodymium iron boron (NeFeB) is the highest energy product permanent magnet material that is available commercially.



Pot magnets are strong magnets that are developed for the current industrial needs. They are made up of magnets like NdFeB, SmCo, AlNiCo, hard ferrite, plastic, rubber and other components. These magnets can produce a magnetic field on its exclusive surface. Depending on the usage, pot magnets are of different size, shape and width. Different types of pot magnets functions in different temperature. However they give same result in the normal temperature.

AZ Industries, Inc. (Hardy, AR)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

AZ Industries, Inc. has been making magnets since 1972 and manufacture all materials in all grades: Alnico, Ceramic, Flexible, Neodymium-Iron-Boron, Samarium -Cobalt, plus we deal with garnets, pole pieces using specialty metals, and all shapes including pins, plugs, disks, rings, rectangular and square blocks, triangles, arcs, etc.

Bangor Electronics Co. (Bangor, MI)


BEC manufacturers permanent bonded magnets and assemblies for the television industry and sensor related magnets that range from 4 poles to several hundred poles. BEC is also a basic plastic molder specializing in UL rated grades of polyphenylene oxide. BEC also produces flexible strip magnets.

Ningbo Permanent Magnetics Co., Ltd (Ningb, China)


We specialize in NdFeB, ALnico, SmCO, Ferrite, lifting magnets, magnetic separators, magnetic assembly, magnetic toys, rubber magnets, promotional magnets, flexible magnets, bar magnets, and so on. We also supply permanent and rare earth magnets used for motors, loudspeakers, sensors, instruments, etc.

ERIEZ (Erie, PA)


Specialty Products Division offers a permanent magnetic chuck repair service for users of workholding devices. Frequent use can weaken the magnetic strength of a chuck through misalignment of internal moving parts or through nicks and scratches on the chuck face.

Master Magnetics, Inc. (Castle Rock, CO)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, Distributor

Master Magnetics offers full line of permanent magnets and magnetic devices for holding, lifting, separating and retrieving. Large inventory of Rare Earth, Ceramic, Alnico Magnets, Flexible Sheeting and Strip, Magnetic Sweepers, Tool Holders and more.

Ogallala Electronics Division, Arnold Magnetics (Ogallala, NE)


Arnold manufactures the world's broadest range of magnetic materials. In permanent magnets, we produce Cast and Sintered Alnico, Hard Ferrite, and a full range of Bonded Magnets, and Fabricated Magnets, Samarium Cobalt, Neodymium, Iron-Chromium-Cobalt.

Shenzhen Shan Magnetism Industry Co., Ltd (Shenzhen, Guangdong, China)

Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer

We are permanent magnets manufacturer, and we can provide you the high quality but best price magnets to you. If you have any interest, you can contact us:caike(AT), We can give you prompt reply.

Ningbo Shengyang Magnetic Material Technology Co., Ltd. (Ningbo, China)

Manufacturer, Distributor

high performance sintered NdFeB Magnet in various size and shape since 2006. now we are able to batch manufacture NdFeB Magnet( material code: N50, N48H, N42SH, N38UH and N35EH) according to customers' requests.

CMS Magnetics (Plano, TX)

Manufacturer, Distributor

We stock Neodymium magnets, ceramic magnets, magnetic sheets and strips, and we also do custom order on these types of magnets. However, AlNiCo and SmCo is only available for custom order.

Adams Magnetic Products Co. (Elmhurst, IL)


Permenant magnets and magnetic assemblies: flexible, ceramic, alnico, neodymium, samarium cobalt rare earth, and soft ferrite cores by Arnold, Ferroxcube, EPCOS MMG and more.

Ningbo Souwest Magnetech Development Co., Ltd (Ningbo, China)


magnetic material( Nd-Fe-B magnet, Alnico magnet, Smco magnet, Ferrite magnet, Rubber magnet) magnetic assemblies( magnetic bar, magnetic grids, magnetic separator, pot magnet, magnetic channels)

One Magnet Electronic (M) S/B (K.L, Malaysia)


One Magnet Electronic (M) SDN BHD is specialized in sintered NdFeB, sintered SmCo, cast Alnico, ferrite magnets (Ceramic), bonded NdFeB and rubber magnets.

Hang-Ups Unlimited (Santa Monica, CA)

Manufacturer, Distributor, Contract Manufacturer

Super Strong, Permanent Magnets with Attractive Chrome or Decorative White Covers. Hang and Mount Signs & Displays on Any Flat Steel Surface.

Zhuji Ichoice Magtech Co., Ltd (Zhuji, China)


Manufacturing rare earth magnet(NdFeB,SmCo) and magnetic assemblies(lifting magnets,pot magnets,magnetic driver for loudspeaker,motor parts,and so on).

Ningbo Greatest Magnetic Technology Co.,ltd (ningbo, China)


permanent magnets are our company mainly products

S&N Rare Earth New Material Corp (Zibo, China)


permanent magnetic separator, drum and rollers

Zhuji Gion Magnet Technology Co.,ltd (ZHUJI, China)


NdFEB magnet SmCo magnet Ferrite Magnet

Universal (Ningbo) Magnetech Co., Ltd (Ningbo, China)

Manufacturer, Distributor

Permanent magnet, lifting magnet, Neodymium magnet, SmCo, AlNiCo, Arc magnet, Magnetic toy, Magnetic tool holder, Magnetic filter

Shenzhen Shan Magnetism Industry Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen, China)


The cylinder magnets The cuboid magnets The cirque magnets The tile magnets

OnCore ( Magnets Canada ) (Mississauga, ON)

Manufacturer, Distributor

Permanent Magnets, Sweeper Magnets, Magnetic Assemblies.

SEZAR Company (St. Petersburg, Russian Federation)


Manufacturer of permanent magnets

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