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 Heavy Duty Lifting Magnet

Electromagnetic and new permanent/electromagnetic units
  • Excellent for collection and transfer of bulk ferrous materials
  • Extra rugged design
  • Used for safe transfer of finished commodities

Lifting magnets are useful for collecting and transfer of bulk ferrous materials such as break-bulk loading, scrap yards, or metal recovery systems. Lifting magnets are designed for rugged industrial duty with high magnetic permeability castings and high quality stainless steel exciting coil guard plate. Nippon Magnetics has a new dual lifting system magnet that utilizes both electromagnet and permanent magnet. This allows the load to hold even in the middle of power loss. Shipyards, scrap metal yards, steel or iron production, metal fabricating, and bridge construction sites are the most common areas to see this heavy-duty lifting magnet being used. They are used for lifting and transferring break-bulk and scrap metal, moving steel and iron coils, plate, or beam, and placing beams on construction sites.

HL lifting magnets are available from 500 mm to 1500 mm diameter. Most models use 220 AC voltage.
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