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 Electromagnetic MagHammerTM Impact Vibrator
Low maintenance solution to powder and bulk solid flow problems
  • Electric impact vibrator
  • Solves bridging, arching, rat holing, adhesion and clogging issues
  • Extra long life
  • Zero maintenance
  • Simple controls
  • Work in conjunction with PLC

SIC electromagnetic impact vibrator or MagHammerTM is a high impact force, low frequency impact vibrator for the free-flow of powder and bulk solids. This vibrator an internal piston driven by a pair of electromagnetic coils providing a strong impact force on the face of vibrator which is transferred to the mounting surface. This impact is similar to a slug hammer impact, without the damage to the bin or silo, in that is frees materials that are clogged or sticking to the sides of a bin or silo. This is useful for the breaking up bridging, arching, clinging, and rat holing in bins, silo and transfer lines. The advantage of this system over other types is the sealed system requires zero maintenance. The associated controller also allows more control over the impact force and provides more consistent impact force.
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